BOXERS REALTY is a small boutique Retail Real Estate Brokerage and Hospitality Consulting firm located in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Michael Hayes is a Licensed Real Estate Broker & experienced Restauranteur. He is the proprietor of BOXERS REALTY and he has over 20 years of Real Estate and Hospitality experience in New York, USA and in London, England.

BOXERS REALTY was formed in 2008 to specifically fill a void within the Hospitality side of the Retail Real Estate Brokerage business in New York.

BOXERS REALTY goes one step further than the typical Retail Real Estate Brokerage firm by combining a one stop shopping experience for the Hospitality operator. Not only will we find you a great new Hospitality location we are also able to offer you a Hospitality consulting service that will take the stress, wasted time and wasted money out of opening or expanding your Hospitality concept.

Finding a great Hospitality location in Manhattan is not easy. Contact any Real Estate Brokerage firm and they are happy to send you many listings.

However how do you know which listing is great for your concept? The secret is finding the right location for your specific concept. We have found the right locations for our own concepts for over 20 years and now we want to help find you a great Hospitality location.

More than 80 percent of all start ups within the Hospitality industry go out of business after the first five years, why?

The old adage of "Location, Location, Location," is one of the main reasons. However, other important factors are how your business is set up from concept to development and how it operates on a daily basis. There are many other variables why Hospitality concepts fail, BOXERS HOSPITALITY CONSULTING can help you avoid these variables.

BOXERS REALTY can and will find you the right Hospitality Location.
Then BOXERS CONSULTING SERVICE will enable and guide you to open up on budget, on time and operate profitably. No other traditional Real Estate Brokerage service in NEW YORK can offer you both of these services under one umbrella.

BOXERS REALTY is uniquely qualified to find you a dream location
because it's founder Michael Hayes has lived and breathed his own dream in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years, right here in Manhattan. MIchael understands start up companies, because he himself has created is own start up companies many times over. Moreover, he also understands seasoned operators that wish to expand an existing Hospitality concept or expand into a totally new Hospitality concept. Each Hospitality operator has specific needs and BOXERS REALTY understands from the ground up, each individual operators specific needs.

BOXERS Real Estate Brokerage business will ALWAYS do their best to find you exactly what you are looking for , while at the same time strongly advising you against locations that may prove to be a mistake for your concept.

BOXERS Consulting Service will help you set up your new location from soup to nuts. The professional services offered and that are recommended by BOXERS consulting service have worked directly with us on many of our own projects.

From the BOWERY to the UPPER EAST SIDE we will find you an ideal spot to open up shop. From Architects to Accountants, Construction Contractors to Chefs we can and will advise your company on the right road to travel and the right professional company to work with. Take advantage of our knowledge, our data base and our expertise in the Hospitality Industry, let us help you succeed.